Group Fitness Classes

Amp’D Fitness Group Fitness Classes are a fun, engaging and a great way to increase your endurance, stamina and energy levels. Running for 30-60 minutes you can charge ahead at your pace, or be challenged by the trainer. Our group fitness classes are held in our private air conditioned class room and are inclusive with all memberships.

Regardless of where you are at with your fitness,  group classes enable you to reach new fitness levels, build your cardiovascular endurance, strength or workout in the fat burning zone more efficiently – jumping, boxing, or kicking your way to better health.

Why Give Group Fitness a go:

We are always changing our group fitness classes to ensure they stay fresh, making your workout interesting and fun!
They really suit every one! Classes are designed to incorporate and appeal to all fitness levels, with options to scale up or down during the workout so you are comfortable or challenged.
Meet new friends! The gym is full of like-minded members, a place where health and wellness is the common goal, so come along and say hi!
They are a great way to energise your workout mentality with team motivation!
Choose from a range of classes and remember to check opening hours, and class times.

September 20, 2021 - September 26, 2021


Monday (September 20, 2021)
Wednesday (September 22, 2021)
Saturday (September 25, 2021)

September 20, 2021 - September 26, 2021

Choose a class that is right for you:

 Booty Blaster– Have you been looking for a class that specifically targets the ‘problem areas’ of the lower body? This 30 minute format only caters to those areas we all want to get firmer – toned thighs and a lifted booty are just some of the benefits!

THUMP Boxing -Designed to assist with weight loss, muscle tone, increase fitness and self-confidence.

Amp’D Power– 30 Mins HIIT workout to get the heart pumping.

Total Core– Designed to sculpt and strengthen your mid section   

                                THUMP Super kickboxing– Designed to assist with weight loss, muscle tone, increase fitness and self-confidence, but taking it to the next level. 30 MinsMinimal spots- Bookings advised. (Must have participated in Thump Boxing prior to participating in super kickboxing)

Power wave– A high intensity workout designed to condition the entire body. 30 mins, Minimal spots- Bookings advised.

Body Blitz – This Class combines those problem areas that everyone wants to target, Tums & Bums!